Tales From The Unending Void v0.2

Episode 2 of Tales! Very excited to be sharing this with you. A lot is going on in this episode and there are also some lewd times to be had.

Alorth outdid himself this time and there are 14 of his animations included in the game, including a couple in the extra scenes.

A big thanks to Alorth, HoboCop86, Rob Johnson, ThunderRob, Dreamweaver, RavenDarklock and Razielprince for testing and proofreading. 

Download for Windows/Linux (Mirrors: NOPY / UPLOADHAVEN)
Download for Mac (Mirrors: NOPY / UPLOADHAVEN)
Download for Android (Mirrors: NOPY / UPLOADHAVEN)


  • Add Episode 2
  • ep001: Fix various renders (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • ep001: Spelling and grammar corrections (thanks to Pheline)
  • ep001: Fix mention of incorrect rank (thanks to 0blivion)

Fetish Locator by ViNovella

In this shoutout I’d like to feature ViNovella who’s been working on Fetish Locator for quite some time. The game is chock full of interesting kinks, including watersports and it has an interesting storyline to boot. I’ll let Vi explain a little bit more below:

Hi! My name is ViNovella and I’m a huge fan of Perverteer’s work! More than that, SL was the game that inspired me to start developing my own visual novel! You can try Fetish Locator for free – this is a game about a College student who is caught up in a storm of fetishes around him, and he has to conquer them or submit to his fate! In the game, you will find things like Footfetish, Watersports, Femdom, Maledom, Netori, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Futa, and many other things! My game is based on three important pillars – the existing story, good render quality and a lewd selection of fetishes. The free version of the game will give you a couple of hours of gameplay and is available to download on my patreon page. And by becoming a patron you can unlock access to Day-5 content, that was just released this Sunday!

Let’s not forget the lovely ladies and wonderful women of Fetish Locator: 

  • AmRose, the feisty redhead best friend
  • Polly, the pink-haired exhibitionist bisexual
  • Nora, the blonde barista and object of Polly’s affection
  • Min, who is obsessed with winning
  • Daisy, the free spirit
  • Dahlia, the femdom dominatrix
  • Lyssa, the sexy lawyer with a secret surprise
  • Stacy, the close childhood friend
  • Lydia, the angel our hero longs to make his own
  • and many, many more.

Find the game here – patreon.com/fetishlocator

Neko Paradise by Alorth

So I’ve mentioned Alorth already a couple of times. He’s the animator who does all the great animation work on Tales From The Unending Void. In addition to this, Alorth is also developing his own projects. His current one is Neko Paradise.

Neko Paradise is a free roaming adult game with a lot of different Neko Girls, featuring a unique animated character interface and lots of animations.

The game has at least a Neko for every type of taste and you decide the which ones you want to romance or not.

You used to go fishing with your father ’til one day you both got caught up in a storm. After being swept off of the boat and away from your father you woke up on a strange Island There you were found by a real beauty who you later married and had a daughter with. Now not remembering the past, because of the accident, you are trying to recall the events that led you there.

​Explore the Island and it’s secrets, emerge in the cuteness and sexiness of the World of Neko Paradise!

Check out the game at patreon.com/alorth

Heading to Steam!

Some big news! For the past few weeks I’ve been preparing the launch of Sisterly Lust on Steam. The review process took a while, but everything is finally approved and a release date is set for March 2.

An updated version of the bonus edition (v1.1) will be available for download on the platform, containing more bug fixes, a French translation (by Maxo) and a lot of Steam achievements. It’s priced at $14.99, but there’s a 10% discount during the first launch week. Of course I’ll make that version available on Patreon, SubscribeStar and itch.io (minus the achievements).

Here’s the pre-release trailer I made for if you’d like to have a look. Very excited to actually have a project on Steam, guess I can strike that one of the bucket list.

The store page is already up for those of you who’d like to check it out.

Introducing SuperWriter

Hi, my name is SuperWriter! Like my name suggests, I was originally just a writer, self-publishing over 25 erotica ebooks. But now, I’m fully invested into game developing and am currently working on two games; PICTURE PERFECT where you’re living as a photographer with three young women, and SECRET SUMMER, where you were ripped away from your landlady and roommates, but have a plan to reunite with them, though the consequences may be major.

You can download both games here — https://www.patreon.com/SuperWriter

Sisterly Lust v1.0

Version 1.0. I’m sure there’ll be a patch or two in the coming year, but for now this is the final version of Sisterly Lust. The biggest addition is Megan on Bella’s romance path. You can now enjoy the scenes that were previously only available on the submissive route. Other than that a lot of bugs have been squashed, but I already have a list to work through so v1.1 might see the light of day as well at some point…

If you read through the changelog, you’ll see a couple of names mentioned a great many times. I’d like to thank HoboCop86, Josh Jackson, parceload and Regardie for all the extra work they did for the v1.0 release. Together, they spotted an awful lot of stupid mistake which should be fixed in this release.

The uploader had trouble this time, so I was able to create just one mirror.

NOTE FOR ANDROID USERS: Backup your saves before installing the new version, just to be sure!
Android might not allow to update the install, in which case you’ll have to do an uninstall and install the new build.
The minimum requirements for installing the regular game are at least 3GB RAM and 6GB free storage space. Please download the compressed version if you don’t meet those specifications.

Download for Windows/Linux (Mirror: NOPY)
Download for Mac (Mirror: NOPY)
Download for Android (Mirror: NOPY)
Download for Android (compressed) (Mirror: NOPY)


  • Add Megan scenes to Bella’s romance path (thanks to Merlin)
  • Various fixes to renders (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Fix several levitating testicles (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Fix spelling and wording (thanks to MRMIdAS2k, Pheline and Regardie)
  • Fix multiple inconsistencies and continuity errors (thanks to Thomas Davidson)
  • Endings: Fix random bride selection (thanks to goobdoob and parceload)
  • Endings: Fix missing renders on Rachel/Bella/Susan harem route (thanks to Julian Harper)
  • Endings: Fix empty James ending (thanks to DannyVsJuly)
  • Endings: Fix James and Ana relationship (thanks to Moist Serpent)
  • Endings: Fix Riley ending (thanks to Ramen-)
  • Endings: Fix Rachel not forgiven conditional (thanks to parceload)
  • Endings: Fix strictness of Hazel conditional (thanks to parceload)
  • Endings: Fix Liza non-Belugio conditional branch (thanks to parceload)
  • Endings: Add non-Belugio render to Alina ending (thanks to parceload)
  • Endings: Add non-Belugio render to Ana ending (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 145: Fix bugged conditionals in the Rachel/Bella/Susan harem without Liza on the island (thanks to Julian Harper)
  • Day 145: Add pregnancy renders to ceremony scenes (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 145: Add pregnancy render (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • Day 145: Remove repeating dialogue in James conversation (thanks to Merlin)
  • Day 145: Add render reference to James conversation (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 145: Fix repeating dialogue in Ana and Alina conversation (thanks to Merlin)
  • Day 145: Fix Adriana creampie conditional (thanks to Nandanox)
  • Day 145: Fix duplicate choices (thanks to Cúran)
  • Day 143: Add pregnancy render reference for Liza (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 143: Add extra conversation branches to Nia dialogue (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 142: Fix incorrect speaker (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 142: Add extra else statement during Ana conversation (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 142: Add extra dialogue snippet (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 142: Fix Rachel dialogue (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 142: Fix Susan dialogue (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 140: Fix dialogue with Riley (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 140: Fix Liza appearing during shopping trip (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 139: Fix Liza dialogue conditional (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 139: Fix Liza dialogue with Justin (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 39: Add missing render reference (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 34: Fix Rachel flashback variable location (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 28: Fix Ana/Kira conditional
  • Day 27: Fix Bella rejection/make up dialogue and continuity (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 24: Add some extra dialogue to the various Bella paths (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 23: Add missing jump after cuddling with Rachel (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 23: Add extra conditional (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 20: Remove options after choosing them (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • Day 18: Fix Susan continuity (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 17: Fix player dialogue during yoga event (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • Day 17: Add extra dialogue on meeting Rebeca (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 16: Fix Bella dialogue (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 15: Fix continuity error with Rachel, Nino and Nia (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 13: Add variable tracking sexual act with Hazel (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 12: Remove Liza dialog options after choosing them (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • Day 10: Fix supermarket (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 10: Remove redundant relationship variable (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 9: Remove redundant relationship variable (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 9: Fix continuity during Rachel kissing scene (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 9: Fix Rachel conditional talking about work at breakfast (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 9: Fix Rachel conditional at breakfast (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 8: Fix Riley conversation conditional (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 6: Fix Susan’s book reading (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 4: Remove dinner dialog options after choosing them (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • Day 4: Fix Susan’s book reading (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 3: Make Susan dialogue non-repeatable (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 1: Remove Rachel dialog options after choosing them (thanks to HoboCop86)

Tales From The Unending Void v0.1

Here it is, the first public release of Tales From The Unending Void. I really hope you enjoy it!

This game features the first animations made by Alorth and I hope to continue our partnership for the episodes of the game to come. His work really adds some spice to the early lewd scenes that are already in the game.

A big thanks to HoboCop86, ThunderRob, gamersglory, GhostPhil, RavenDarklock, Freki and Razielprince for testing and proofreading.

Download for Windows/Linux (Mirrors: NOPY / UPLOADHAVEN)
Download for Mac (Mirrors: NOPY / UPLOADHAVEN)
Download for Android (Mirrors: NOPY / UPLOADHAVEN)


– Initial release

Polarity by Eternity Games

Please consider checking out a fellow developer’s fairly new game: Polarity. The game is in its third chapter and has over 1.5 hours of gameplay.

Polarity is a choice-driven suspense/mystery/romance game with fully animated sexual content. The choices you make matter. They shape the story and the morality of the player character. There are no limits to who you can romance. Every female in the game is a potential relationship option.

You are an attractive, middle-aged professional fighter who retired and is starting over: a new life in a new city. You’re thrust into a world of sex, mystery, hot moms, and romance; something your previous life allowed little time for.

Explore intimate (or sexual) relationships with two MILFs; both of whom live with their daughters. Remain faithful or sneak around behind their backs and play with every gal you can get your hands on. But be careful… there are some rather big and potentially upsetting surprises awaiting you… and the antics of a local serial killer has the city on its knees.

Check out Polarity over at patreon.com/eternity_games

Android install issues

Several users have reported issues with installing the latest version of Sisterly Lust. Together with the help of a couple of users I’ve narrowed down the problem. Due to the file size of the package, the install fails on Android devices that either have not enough storage space or not enough memory.

The recommended specs for the regular edition are at least 3GB RAM and 6GB free storage space.

If you can’t install the game on your Android device, you might give the compressed version a try:

Download for Android (compressed) (Mirrors: NOPY / UPLOADHAVEN)

NOTE: The size of the compressed version is over half of the regular release. You will notice compression artifacts, for example, but at least the game should be playable on lower end hardware.

Have a question? Found a bug? Just drop me an email at perverteergames@gmail.com or find me on Twitter.