Tales From The Unending Void: Season 1 (Bugfix)

Tales From The Unending Void: Season 1 (Bugfix)

Season 1 now runs on the latest version of the engine (Ren’Py 8.1.1), which will be the default for Season 2 as well (as soon as Episode 18 releases). Some render and continuity fixes in this bugfix, it’s now also possible to view the extra scenes in the gallery by character instead of per episode.

Thanks a lot to Nebula for providing an improved version of the Italian translation.

Download for Windows (Mirrors: UPLOADHAVEN / MIXDROP)
Download for macOS (Mirrors: UPLOADHAVEN / MIXDROP)
Download for Android (Mirrors: UPLOADHAVEN / MIXDROP)


– Add option to view scenes by character (thanks to Grubb)
– Add config option for grids
– Fix bonus scenes showing up in standard edition (thanks to Terry Gamble)
– Upgrade engine to Ren’Py 8.1.1
– Reworking of the Italian translation (thanks to Nebula)
– ep012: Make girl in dream translatable (thanks to Nebula)
– ep011: Fix blinking (thanks to Zorlond)
– ep010: Add extra renders to Keodele/Erylin scene
– ep010: Fix Hunt continuity (thanks to BloodySin)
– ep008: Fix continuity error (thanks to spamboxje1601)
– ep007: Fix Thyia scene replay (thanks to Knight of the Dawn)
– ep007: Fix Thyia continuity (thanks to LA)
– ep006: Fix Polish translation (thanks to pasman1pp)
– ep003: Fix Thyia dialogue (thanks to LA)
– ep002: Fix render during cave scene
– extras: Add unused animation (thanks to spamboxje1601)