Tales From The Unending Void v0.18

Tales From The Unending Void v0.18

There she is, Episode 18. This release contains over 600 renders, over 20 new animations and lewdness with several of the ladies. Aven and Eva are present in the extra scenes for the bonus edition.

Thanks to Grubb, Alorth, HoboCop86, Rob The Weed Enthusiast and Fhilb for proofreading and testing.

IMPORTANT: Players on Eva’s path who cleared the simulation in a previous episode, are unable to get the conversation option to get Eva to join the harem. This happens after the lewdness on the ship and is a conversation in the ruins later on. If ep015_eva_truth is False and ep015_eva_love is True, you likely didn’t get the harem option in your playthrough of Episode 18. You can check the state of these variables by pressing Shift + O top open the Developer Console and typing the name of the variable, it should return its value.

I’ll remedy this problem in a future update, but for now a workaround would be to set a variable via the Developer Console. You activate the console by pressing Shift + O just before the conversation menu for the ruins comes up, then you type the following: ep015_eva_truth = True

After that Eva’s option should be available. This will of course be fixed in the next release.

Download for Windows/Linux (Mirrors: MEGA / WORKUPLOAD / UPLOADHAVEN)
Download for macOS (Mirrors: MEGA / WORKUPLOAD / UPLOADHAVEN)
Download for Android (Mirrors: MEGA / WORKUPLOAD / UPLOADHAVEN)


– Add Episode 18
– Upgrade Ren’Py to 8.1.1
– Updated Italian translation (thanks to Nebula)
– Make romanced character names translatable (thanks to Nebula)
– ep017: Fix continuity error in Céline sex scene (thanks to Chamber691)
– ep017: Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to Bartimayus)
– ep017: Fix grammar (thanks to Shamus)
– ep017: Fix images (thanks to HoboCop86)