New Android Builds

New Android Builds

​It’s been quite an ordeal, but I’ve finally pushed an update to both the Season 1 and 2 builds for Android. This update should fix the save transfer issues many of you have been experiencing.

NOTE: Beware that this new update moves the location of saved games from a system directory to your Documents directory.  So make sure to backup your device before proceeding, or you’ll potentially lose any saved games.

Here are the steps to transfer your Season 1 save to Season 2.

  • Install both the new Season 1 and Season 2 builds on your device.
  • Open  up Season 1 until it has gone to the main menu and close the application again.
  • Verify that a directory called RenPy_Saves has been created in your Documents directory and that it has a subdirectory called com.perverteer.tftuv. In that directory there should be a file called Season_1_*longstringofalphanumericcharacters*.save
  • After verifying, open Season 2, from the main menu you should be able to select Continue and play with your Season 1 save.

A big thank you to Estrada777 for getting me on the right track and Grimmer von Grim for testing.

Download Season One (Mirrors: WORKUPLOAD / PIXELDRAIN)
Download Season Two (Mirrors: WORKUPLOAD / PIXELDRAIN)