Sisterly Lust is now on Steam!

Sisterly Lust has just been released on Steam, you can get the game here:


  1. What is the best way to report presumptive bugs that are still in the v1.0 release of the game that we have come across?

    1. Reporting them via email would be the best route ( I’m a little behind on responding to messages, so apologies if you already sent me something.

  2. I love your game. Easily the best visual novel I’ve played and I can’t get over how much it sucked me in! It’s shockingly good and I’m sad it’s over! Bought for the titties, played for the compelling narrative and characters. I’ll actually miss Bella and Rachael lol. If you’re ever stuck for ideas, I sure hope you’ll consider continuing on with this story. Maybe a part 2!

    1. Thanks for the compliments Dan, much appreciated! Continuing Sisterly Lust with short story DLC or something similar is still very much on my mind, but I’m hard at work on Tales From The Unending Void at the moment.

    1. There’s a Mac binary in the Steam install directory, but at the moment I can’t support the platform. In future releases of macOS, Apple is requiring every application to be notarized as an extra security feature and that in turn requires an active paid subscription as an Apple Developer. When demand for a Mac version on Steam increases I’m seriously going to consider supporting it of course.

      1. Wow, thanks for the quick reply.

        So does that mean if I buy the Steam version, it’ll come with the full Mac version too? I’ll just need to transfer the file and open it through the security settings on the Mac like I had to with the free version? Will it auto update to the latest version too? (The mac file in the steam directory on the pc, not the transferred file of course)

        1. In theory, yes, there’s a Mac binary in the Steam installation so you could run the game until Apple decides not to run notarized applications. But beware that running the game via Steam on a Mac is officially unsupported, so achievements might not work, for example.

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