This post is probably going to bore you all to tears, but I just wanted to give you all a heads up. When I started SL the first build was v0.1 and updates were given a number after that (so v0.11 denotes a first bugfix for the v0.1 release).

With the new release for $ 10+ patrons the version will go up from v0.9 to something… In the current version scheme that number would be v1.0, which is bound to cause some confusion among people, as v1.0 means a finished product for many. SL isn’t finished, so I’m going to shake up the versioning a bit. The next release will be v0.10 and any further bugfixes will be denoted by an extra dot, so v0.10.1 is a bugfix of the v0.10 release.

This change doesn’t mean I’m going to stretch out the releases until we reach v0.999 or whatever number, the game will finish when the story has run it’s course.