Pine Falls by Daniels K.

Pine Falls by Daniels K.

Daniels K. reached out and asked me to play his latest VN, Pine Falls. As a fan of one of his previous projects, My Girlfriend’s Amnesia, it was an easy decision.

Like My Girlfriend’s Amnesia, Daniels K.’s latest is a story with a great sense of mystery. A successful writer heads out to the countryside to clear his head and prevent writer’s block. Suffering a car accident he ends up in Pine Falls, a small village where everything is not as it seems. After meeting some of the populace, the MC learns that most men have disappeared under mysterious circumstances and that the inhabitants of Pine Falls can’t leave the village…

The fact that virtually no men live in Pine Falls leads to some interesting opportunities for the protagonist. In it’s first chapters, Pine Falls already explores some dirtier kinks than straight-up sex. Make no mistake, there’s
straight-up too and lovely ladies abound.

Daniels K. has brought multiple projects to completion and demo builds are available for all of his games, so his Patreon page is well worth checking out.

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