Nursing Back to Pleasure by Daniels K.

Nursing Back to Pleasure by Daniels K.

Nursing Back to Pleasure is an erotic Ren’py visual novel developed by Daniels K. featuring beautiful renders and animated adult scenes while also bringing an attractive story to the mix.

You are a young man that works as a physical therapist and you are called to a house job by a rich and somewhat strange man, who turns out to be the leader of a mysterious cult. His daughter, Charlotte was involved in an accident months ago and still hasn’t fully recovered. Fearing she will develop chronic pain and wanting to compensate for his lack of presence in the girls life, the man is more than willing to spend large amounts of money to make it up to her.

Here you meet the sweet Charlotte, her cute and funny friend Lisa, the cold and distant Hazel and the cheating temptress Nicole. Upon arriving at the house, you soon come to realize that lust and temptation lies at every corner.

The girls all look incredible and you find it hard to keep your eyes off of them, but will you live a story of romance and conquest, will you be truthful to the one you fall in love with? Or will you embark on a voyage of voyeurism and debauchery while trying to have them all?

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