Haley’s Story by Viitgames

Haley’s Story by Viitgames

Love is a tricky thing. Sometimes it can be right under your nose, and you may not even know it. In HALEY’S STORY, that may be the case. But even if you do accept that Haley is the one for you, the situation regarding your unique relationship might doom any blossoming love before it can ever really start.

You and Haley leave your old home to make it in the bigger city. Despite her being a spoiled brat and little princess, you two have always been thicker than thieves, so it’s an easy decision to stick together. You even land the same job working just a few feet apart. Some would think that you’re too close, considering your relationship, but you couldn’t care less. She’s always been there for you throughout childhood and now as young adults, so your relationship with her matters more than anything else.

However, that same close relationship takes an… ‘unexpected’ turn when you two start showing interest in each other, despite you both being in romantic relationships already.

Will that stop your and Haley’s mutual attraction? How far will you be willing to take it? There might be major consequences if you do act on your growing desires.

But the choice is ultimately up to YOU.

And Haley isn’t the only potential love interest available to you. There’s the girl next door, MILF boss who might be more of a cougar with a wicked bite, and much more! Give the game a try and find out for yourself what other heroines are waiting just for you!

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