City of Broken Dreamers by PhillyGames

A good while back I already sung my praises for Depraved Awakening in a shoutout. Philly hasn’t been twiddling his thumbs and completed his first game quite some time ago. You might be in for some more lewd sci-fi after playing the first episode of Tales From The Unending Void and Philly has got you covered.

City of Broken Dreamers is a cyberpunk VN detailing the exploits of a bounty hunter (Ghost) in a future Los Angeles. You’re tasked with finding a young girl and through her you become embroiled in a conflict that could tear the city apart.

As in Depraved Awakening, the game features a cast of gorgeous women of whom Chandra and Victoria really stand out, in my opinion. I’m going full fanboy here, but Philly’s projects have raised the bar for other developers in terms of quality. The cinematographic quality of the renders is unrivaled as is the attention to detail. Also, the atmosphere of the game evokes one of my favorite movies of all time, though Rick Deckard had less luck with the ladies than the protagonist of CoBD.

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