The Gift Reloaded by Mr.ZZ

Mr.ZZ asked me to try his game The Gift Reloaded and I’ve just finished the content that’s currently present.

The Gift Reloaded is a corruption and harem-building game. The MC is a young male living together with Fiona and Ashly. He’s working at a real estate business and things aren’t going that well for him. By chance you acquire a strange tonic granting you supernatural powers turning the MC’s world upside down. Suddenly the world is at his feet, but his new-found powers have awakened some sinister forces as well.

Initially, The Gift is a fairly linear VN with an intriguing story, but it becomes something else entirely in Act II, when the actual harem management begins. The women are very hot, well-endowed Fiona is delicious and the potential new additions to the harem look scrumptious as well. My only qualm is that the MC can come off as a bit of a douche in Act I, although those effects can be blamed on the serum he drank.

There’s a public build of The Gift available for you to try, or you could dive into the patron version which will be updated this month with more content.

Check The Gift Reloaded over at


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