The Coceter Chronicles by Nverjos

The past shoutouts were all projects from active developers and sadly this game seems to have been abandoned. The Coceter Chronicles is one of the games that inspired me to take the plunge and develop VNs on my own. So I’m posting it here as a tribute to Nverjos and hope Tabi will continue her adventures in the future.

The world of The Coceter Chronicles is populated with interesting characters and sexual opportunities. It’s an RPGMaker game, but manages to evade the common pitfalls. The little touches Nverjos has added to the maps make it stand out from the regular RPGM-fare.

You play as Tabitha, a Fae born in Runda’Almare and destined for a life of servitude. That all changes when events force her to become a scout and is sent through a portal to a world very similar to our own. The Coceter Chronicles covers a lot of kinks and even has two major branches, at some point Tabi is able to transform and you can play as a futa character. Other than that, Tabi’s story is actually engaging and you can tell that Nverjos developed a lot of background story before creating the game itself.

Anyway, have a go at the public version of the game and maybe you’ll hope for a continuation of the story with me.Check The Coceter Chronicles over at


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