Sisterly Lust, Bonus Edition

The full edition of Sisterly Lust contains 23 extra sex scenes, featuring not only the main characters, but also several of the side girls. In addition you’ll receive a set of special renders and a walkthrough guide. The game is available on:


Sisterly Lust, Free Edition

Download for Windows/Linux (Mirrors: NOPY / UPLOADHAVEN)
Download for Mac (Mirrors: NOPY / UPLOADHAVEN)
Download for Android (Mirrors: NOPY / UPLOADHAVEN)
Download for Android (compressed) (Mirrors: NOPY / UPLOADHAVEN)

NOTE FOR ANDROID USERS: Backup your saves before installing the new version, just to be sure! Android might not allow to update the install, in which case you’ll have to do an uninstall and install the new build.
The minimum requirements for installing the regular game are at least 3GB RAM and 6GB free storage space. Please download the compressed version if you don’t meet those specifications.



  • Add Italian translation (thanks to Frank Rosario)
  • STEAM: Remove achievement registration for progress achievements
  • Localized splash images in French
  • Day 139: Fix incorrect variable (thanks to Alehazar)
  • Day 34: Fix French translation error (thanks to Olivier)


  • Tweak package options
  • STEAM: Fix Ma Belle achievement (thanks to angmarets)
  • STEAM: Make Lord Of The Rings achievement less hard to collect (thanks to アリス Alice)


  • Add French translation (thanks to Maxo)
  • Spelling and grammar fixes (thanks to Dom57)
  • Fix using wrong variable in James interactions (thanks to BitesZaDusto)
  • Endings: Fix endings when only pursuing the side girls (thanks to Michelrpg)
  • Endings: Add missing render (thanks to Horagen81)
  • Day 145: Fix wedding vow (thanks to myuhinny)
  • Day 145: Fix Adriana creampie label (thanks to myuhinny)
  • Day 145: Fix James referencing incorrect amount of women (thanks to myuhinny)
  • Day 143: Fix continuity error regarding Riley’s bikini (thanks to Dom57)
  • Day 139: Fix wrong renders showing up during scene (thanks to Dom57)
  • Day 30: Fix incorrect reference to Mrs. Smith (thanks to Anthony Docimo)
  • Day 27: Fix continuity errors (thanks to Polaxymer)
  • Day 10: End relationship if not going to Discreet (thanks to Sesman) 


  • Add Megan scenes to Bella’s romance path (thanks to Merlin)
  • Various fixes to renders (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Fix several levitating testicles (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Fix spelling and wording (thanks to MRMIdAS2k, Pheline and Regardie)
  • Fix multiple inconsistencies and continuity errors (thanks to Thomas Davidson)
  • Endings: Fix random bride selection (thanks to goobdoob and parceload)
  • Endings: Fix missing renders on Rachel/Bella/Susan harem route (thanks to Julian Harper)
  • Endings: Fix empty James ending (thanks to DannyVsJuly)
  • Endings: Fix James and Ana relationship (thanks to Moist Serpent)
  • Endings: Fix Riley ending (thanks to Ramen-)
  • Endings: Fix Rachel not forgiven conditional (thanks to parceload)
  • Endings: Fix strictness of Hazel conditional (thanks to parceload)
  • Endings: Fix Liza non-Belugio conditional branch (thanks to parceload)
  • Endings: Add non-Belugio render to Alina ending (thanks to parceload)
  • Endings: Add non-Belugio render to Ana ending (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 145: Fix bugged conditionals in the Rachel/Bella/Susan harem without Liza on the island (thanks to Julian Harper)
  • Day 145: Add pregnancy renders to ceremony scenes (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 145: Add pregnancy render (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • Day 145: Remove repeating dialogue in James conversation (thanks to Merlin)
  • Day 145: Add render reference to James conversation (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 145: Fix repeating dialogue in Ana and Alina conversation (thanks to Merlin)
  • Day 145: Fix Adriana creampie conditional (thanks to Nandanox)
  • Day 145: Fix duplicate choices (thanks to Cúran)
  • Day 143: Add pregnancy render reference for Liza (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 143: Add extra conversation branches to Nia dialogue (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 142: Fix incorrect speaker (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 142: Add extra else statement during Ana conversation (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 142: Add extra dialogue snippet (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 142: Fix Rachel dialogue (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 142: Fix Susan dialogue (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 140: Fix dialogue with Riley (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 140: Fix Liza appearing during shopping trip (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 139: Fix Liza dialogue conditional (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 139: Fix Liza dialogue with Justin (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 39: Add missing render reference (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 34: Fix Rachel flashback variable location (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 28: Fix Ana/Kira conditional
  • Day 27: Fix Bella rejection/make up dialogue and continuity (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 24: Add some extra dialogue to the various Bella paths (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 23: Add missing jump after cuddling with Rachel (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 23: Add extra conditional (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 20: Remove options after choosing them (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • Day 18: Fix Susan continuity (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 17: Fix player dialogue during yoga event (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • Day 17: Add extra dialogue on meeting Rebeca (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 16: Fix Bella dialogue (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 15: Fix continuity error with Rachel, Nino and Nia (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 13: Add variable tracking sexual act with Hazel (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 12: Remove Liza dialog options after choosing them (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • Day 10: Fix supermarket (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 10: Remove redundant relationship variable (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 9: Remove redundant relationship variable (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 9: Fix continuity during Rachel kissing scene (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 9: Fix Rachel conditional talking about work at breakfast (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 9: Fix Rachel conditional at breakfast (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 8: Fix Riley conversation conditional (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 6: Fix Susan’s book reading (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 4: Remove dinner dialog options after choosing them (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • Day 4: Fix Susan’s book reading (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 3: Make Susan dialogue non-repeatable (thanks to parceload)
  • Day 1: Remove Rachel dialog options after choosing them (thanks to HoboCop86)


  • Implemented Day 145 and epilogues
  • Check for existence of new Day 142 variables (thanks to Drunsul)
  • Add pregnancy status to statistics screen
  • Better checks for extra scenes (thanks to SerHawkes)
  • Fix various renders and inconsistencies (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Fix various typos (thanks to Pheline and Josh Jackson)
  • Day 143: Fix mentioning incorrect number of girls on island (thanks to mantireee)
  • Day 144: Fix unset variables for exclusive marriage proposals (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 144: Fix incorrect speaker (thanks to mantireee)
  • Day 144: Fix inconsistencies during Liza’s marriage proposal (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 144: Fix conditional when waiting for the evening (thanks to mantireee)
  • Day 141: Fix Susan’s response to Mrs. Steel visit (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 140: Fix pregnancy render (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 140: Fix pregnancy render (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 140: Fix continuity issue
  • Day 39: Fix conversation renders during morning talk (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 38: Fix Susan/Rachel forest conditionals (thanks to Josh Jackson)
  • Day 28: Fix conditional preventing event with Kira and Ana (thanks to gamiller)
  • Day 13: Check for relationship when mentioning Mrs. Steel (thanks to Pheline)
  • Day 2: Add some extra trust points for Liza’s route (thanks to Espritviril and NoStepOnSnek)


  • Add events for Alina, Ana and James on Day 142 (thanks to Shard73)
  • Fix pregnancy checks on Day 139 (thanks to The Meme Devil)
  • Fix incorrect conditionals (thanks to ThunderRob, Lucius Drake and ViNovella)
  • Fix spelling and a couple of renders (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • Day 21 to 143: Denoised over 300  images (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • Day 144: Fix unavailable marriage proposals for Liza and Susan (thanks to Antuuthu)
  • Day 144: Fix harem marriage conditional (thanks to HoboCop86)
  • Day 144: Fix drinking inconsistency (thanks to MRMIdAS2k)
  • Day 144: Fix Selena and Nia inconsistencies (thanks to PokemasterLord)
  • Day 144: Fix incorrect character reference (thanks to Antuuthu)
  • Day 143: Fix conditional (thanks to goobdoob)
  • Day 140: Add missing image (thanks to MRMIdAS2k)
  • Day 139: Fix Liza conditional while talking to Justin


  • Implemented Day 143 and 144
  • Make pregnancy checks a little stricter (creampies are now required)
  • Fix three incorrect instances of compliment (thanks to MindWright)
  • Day 140: Fix Liza dialogue regarding pregnancies and Mrs. Smith/Susan (thanks to Trasher2018)
  • Day 39: Make Rachel event mandatory (thanks to ai…)
  • Day 10: Fix incorrect render reference (thanks to Rob B)
  • Day 6: Add wording to Rachel and Susan breakfast scene (thanks to Rob B)


  • Set image cache size to 300MB for lower end devices (thanks to jamdan)
  • Fix wording on several days (thanks to Horny Toad and Steele76)
  • Fix wording on several days (thanks to Horny Toad)
  • Day 142: Fix Liza pregnancy conditional (thanks to CanisLupus)
  • Day 142: Fix wording (thanks to goobdoob)
  • Day 142: Remove redundant conditional (thanks to goobdoob)
  • Day 142: Fix Rachel’s anal dialogue (thanks to Xlash)
  • Day 141: Fix two pregnancy renders (thanks HoboCop86)
  • Day 141: Fix conditional (thanks Merlin and Xlash)
  • Day 140: Fix Ana render during threesome (thanks to Merlin)
  • Day 140: Fix James dialogue regarding pregnancies (thanks to Xlash)
  • Day 139: Fix render filename with illegal characters (thanks to Cman)


  • Implemented Day 140, 141 and 142
  • The names of the girls can now be changed in the statistics screen
  • Spelling and grammar fixes (thanks to blabla11)
  • Reworking of Bella’s submissive path (thanks to Regardie)
  • Fix missing variable in extra scene #18
  • Fix permissions error on startup on Android
  • Fix readability of game over screens (thanks Panda Penguin Games)
  • Extras: Clean up image calls
  • Day 139: Reworked conversation between Liza and Justin
  • Day 139: Add conversation branch in case Liza isn’t part of harem
  • Day 139: Fix two missing images (thanks to blabla11)
  • Day 139: Fix Iris and Riley pregnancy dialogue (thanks to Freki)
  • Day 139: Replace image calls (thanks Fasder and Panda Penguin Games)
  • Day 39: Mention previous visit to Rachel’s school
  • Day 39: Fix formatting error (thanks to xJumpManx)
  • Day 39: Fix spelling (thanks to Heresi)
  • Day 39: Loosen the conditional for Bella’s wedding dress event (thanks to Yukio)
  • Day 39: Fix Liza’s conversation conditional (thanks to goobdoob)
  • Day 39: Fix incorrect variable state (thanks to goobdoob)
  • Day 38: Remove double lines (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 37: Add name variable (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 31: Fix clipping on renders (thanks to Maik)
  • Day 29: Fix continuity error, add extra render (thanks to Dreamweaver)
  • Day 24: Fix clipping on render (thanks to Maik)
  • Day 14: Fix continuity error (thanks to Dreamweaver)
  • Day 6: Fix terminology (thanks to Zondy)


  • Implemented Day 39 and 139
  • Day 38: Fix Adriana dialogue
  • Day 38: Fix missing creampie variable error
  • Day 31: Fix continuity error (thanks to Freki)
  • Day 29: Fix continuity error (thanks to Freki)
  • Day 26: Add missing dialogue during Bella/Megan club event (thanks to Freki)
  • Day 22: Set j_friendship variable correctly
  • Day 22: Fix continuity errors (thanks to Freki)
  • Day 21: Fix continuity error (thanks to Freki)
  • Day 9: Add extra render during shopping event (thanks to Freki)
  • Day 8: Fix continuity error (thanks to Freki)
  • Spelling and grammar fixes (thanks to Regardie, Simbag and MRMIdAS2k)


  • Implemented Day 37 and 38
  • Day 36: Alternate flow of events during Liza club event
  • Day 36: Fix coffeeshop dialogue about Megan (thanks to Simbag and goobdoob)
  • Day 33: Remove empty menu option for Bella (thanks to blabla11)
  • Day 35: Fix Liza’s post mall event (thanks to goobdoob)
  • Day 25: Fix incorrect references to meeting Dwayne (thanks to blabla11)
  • Day 18: Cleaned up some renders of Mrs. Smith (thanks to blabla11)
  • Day 3: Fix menu conditionals (thanks to blabla11)
  • Day 2: Moved variable flag for Liza’s intervention
  • Day 2: Remove redundant code (thanks to blabla11)
  • Lots of spelling and grammar fixes (thanks to hideouz)
  • Lots of fixes during the early part of the game, including the removal of the instant game-over when hugging Bella (thanks to blabla11)
  • Reduce the number of instances of the word ‘glans’ (thanks to blabla11)


  • Implemented Day 35 and 36
  • Day 34: Fix render of Bella without a pussy (thanks to HobowithaLightgun and Abby Sciuto)
  • Day 31: Fix Alina talking about helping Rachel when you’re not in a relationship with her (thanks to That_Guy_Lurking)
  • Day 31: Set m_relationship flag to false when declining at Discreet
  • Day 30: Fix Rachel’s thumbs when punching you at the bowling alley
  • Day 29: Fix bugged dialogue with James after sleepover (thanks to 1800 Mr. Tourture)
  • Day 16: Fix continuity error (thanks to a1fox3)
  • Day 15: Fix continuity error (thanks to yougopurple)
  • Day 12: Add new image to better reflect scene action (thanks to a1fox3)
  • Extras: Fix Riley’s uncomfortable head position (thanks to HobowithaLightgun)
  • Fix calling of name input modals (thanks to gigan)
  • Spelling and grammar fixes (thanks to scrumbles)
  • Reduce the number of instances of the word ‘musk’ (thanks to Aristos)


  • Implemented Day 33 and 34
  • Day 32: Fix wording
  • Day 28: Fix bugged conditional during sleepover
  • Day 15: Fix continuity issues in two renders (thanks to Abby Sciuto for spotting them)
  • Extras: Removed artefacts from Iris’ forehead in two renders
  • Spelling and grammar fixes, thanks to hideouz and MRMIdAS2k
  • Fix input autofocus on save and character name modals
  • Fix interfacing hiding on Android devices


  • Implemented Day 31 and 32
  • Day 30: Altered bowling scene to adhere somewhat to the rules of the game
  • Day 30: Added an extra render during bowling scene
  • Day 28: Fix Aline > Alina
  • Day 29: Fix regression of Mrs. Smith morning scene
  • Day 15/16: Add pauses after panning images
  • Add better input modal for naming characters (fixes Android issue)
  • Add delete buttons to Save/Load screens
  • Add ability to name saves
  • Add button to hide interface on Android devices


  • Implemented Day 29 and 30
  • Day 27 & 28: Grammar and spelling corrections, thanks Bobomb
  • Day 28: Fix Alina speaking as Ana
  • Day 28: Fix sleepover bug where you couldn’t get the threesome/foursome after being with Alina
  • Day 12: Fix render of Rachel looking like a donkey
  • Fix scrollwheel in Extra Scenes section
  • Possible fix for Android startup crash, courtesy of the66
  • Fix quick menu visibility


  • Implemented Day 27 and 28
  • Day 26: Fix unreachable dialogue with Rachel
  • Day 23: Fix event loop related to day23_m_opera check
  • Day 23: Fix possibly undeclared day23_m_opera variable
  • Day 23: Fix possibly undeclared day23_flashback and day23_flashback_r variables
  • Extras: Fix Extra #10 scene reference
  • Converted all renders to WebP, thanks to the66
  • Spelling and grammar fixes, courtesy of Bobomb
  • Fixed some renders (day 5, 8 and 11)


  • Implemented Day 25 and 26
  • Day 24: Fix Liza scene popping up when buying the wrong toy for her
  • Day 23: Fix repeatable opera visit
  • Day 23: Add extra threesome check during flashback
  • Day 23: Fixed a few grainy renders
  • Bundle GUI assets in archive


  • Implemented Day 23 and 24
  • Day 22: Fix message from James appearing out of context
  • Day 22: Fix James reacting surprised about your relationship with Ana if he already knows about it
  • Day 21: Added some images to the talk with Rachel post-flashback
  • Day 20: Fix incorrect screen flow on Bella path
  • Day 18: Fix two masturbation renders
  • Day 15: Fix message from Alina showing up regardless of your relationship status with her
  • Fixed issue with image corruption (green screen) on some Android devices
  • Fix width of choice buttons when there are two columns
  • Fixed various typos


  • Implemented Day 21 and 22
  • Fix choice button width causing some choices to run on multiple lines
  • Day 20: Protagonist now only recognizes Mrs. Steel if the shopping event has occurred
  • Day 19: Do not refer to bikini during Liza fingering scene
  • Day 6: Fix render of non-naked Bella to naked version
  • Added extra credits screen thanking top-tier backers
  • Fixed various typos


  • All images have been updated to Iray renders
  • Game now runs at 1920×1080 pixels
  • Added Android build
  • Day 20: Fix comment about Brody to Riley when you haven’t seen him
  • Day 19: Remove option to “Relax a little” after visiting Mrs. Smith for the second time
  • Day 19: Fix scene flow with Bella and the visit to the doctor
  • Day 18: Kissing Mrs. Smith is now only possible if you have a relationship with her, or if you’ve talk with her whenever possible
  • Day 11: Added option to resolve situation with Brody even if you do not have a relationship with Liza
  • Day 4: Added extra shop render
  • Day 1: Remove conversation option after talking about adjusting
  • Arrange menu options into columns when there are more than four
  • Fixed various typos


  • Implemented Day 19 and 20
  • Day 17: Fix incorrect jump to dinner at Nia and Rebeca’s after declining Rachel at the yoga studio
  • Day 17: Fixed Nino’s skin texture during night scene
  • Day 17 and 18: Various spelling and grammar corrections
  • Day 16: Set fingering flag at correct point for Liza
  • Day 15: Fix Alina extra scene availability
  • Day 15: Fix wording
  • Day 13: Fix wording
  • Day 8: Jump to evening after conversation with James about Discreet visit
  • Day 8: Only visit Discreet when you actually have an appointment
  • Day 9: Fix wording
  • Day 5: Fix wording
  • Day 2: Fix wording
  • Fixed various typos
  • Updated statistics avatars


  • Implemented Day 17 and 18
  • Fixed checking for status of reading Mrs. Smith book
  • Day 16: Add variable instead of static name in menu option
  • Day 16: Correctly reference the blackmail option in Dwayne’s email
  • Day 16: Hide dialogue options during restaurant visit with Bella
  • Day 16: Recognize that the MC has slept in Rachel’s bed
  • Day 15: Fix unavailable nightly visit to Mrs. Smith
  • Day 14: Fix wording regarding James visit to Hazel
  • Day 8: Fix incorrect jump to scene with Ana after James’ call when you don’t have a relationship with her
  • Day 1: Fix wording


  • Implemented Day 15 and 16
  • Day 16: Fixed indentation erroneously triggering Discreet facial
  • Day 8: Fixed Ana availability when you don’t have a relationship with her
  • Day 7: Lowered trust requirement to speak to Bella
  • Fixed various typos


  • Fixed Liza’s bugged corruption attribute
  • Hide “Extra Scenes” menu item when in replay
  • Various text corrections, thanks to bossapplesauce
  • Day 13: Removed duplicate line during phone call
  • Day 13: Fixed spa visit availability
  • Day 14: Fixed wording of end of television scene to better reflect what happened before (hardcore path)
  • Day 14: Fixed scene flow when not having sex with receptionist


  • Bella’s relationship status is now correctly shown (soft path)
  • Added option to show or hide the statistics screen in preferences, this should fix the disappearing button as well for older saves
  • Day 09: Fixed a bug causing the game to return to the main menu after the shopping trip
  • Day 11: Fix incorrect variable check during bar conversation (soft route)
  • Day 11: Fixed incorrect mention of second handjob that day if you didn’t get any
  • Day 12: Fix corruption increment when dancing with Liza
  • Day 12: Fix Liza’s comment on drinking alcohol despite not having any
  • Day 12: Fixed bad function call during conversation with Bella


  • Implemented Day 11 and 12
  • Added statistics screen showing corruption and trust points for the main characters
  • Minor fix to Extra Scenes button grid
  • Day 10: Fixed incorrect render during Discreet visit
  • Day 05: Fixed missing render
  • Day 09: Added variable to check if you slept in Rachel’s bed on Day 08


  • Implementation of Day 09 and 10
  • Day 07: Correctly populated MisterX’s name variable, this caused problems during the alleyway sequence on Bella’s soft route
  • Various text corrections


  • Day 07: Fix incorrect variable when helping Bella (soft route)


  • Fixed a bug causing character attributes to reset after reaching end of content or going back to the main menu
  • Fixed a render in the bonus scene
  • Day 04: Fixed incorrect jump to night when you don’t have a relationship with Rachel
  • Day 05: Fixed dinner choice showing up perpetually
  • Day 08: Fixed incorrect jump to supermarket when you don’t pursue any of the relationships


  • Implementation of Day 07 and 08
  • Added Credits and Extra Scenes menus
  • Various text corrections
  • Fixed missing images in animated sequences
  • Day 03: Fixed missing image during conversation with Liza
  • Day 03: Fixed Rachel commenting on her naked body when she wasn’t aware of you (added variable)
  • Day 02: Visiting Rachel at night was incremented twice


  • Introduction of two different versions (Standard and Taboo)
  • Enabled developer console
  • All mention of familial relations has been removed from the Standard Edition
  • Day 06: Minor text change detailing the time of Bella’s money drop-off
  • Day 06: Refusing to sleep with Rachel didn’t work
  • Various minor text corrections


  • Day 05: Set the l_relationship variable when you kiss Liza on the mouth after the dinner
  • Day 05: Rachel voyeur dialogue was triggered even when she left, lower the check which makes her stay
  • Day 06: Added variable for checking Bella’s phone


  • Day 05: Fix the conversation loop with James in the coffeeshop


  • Release of Day 5 and 6


  • Release of Day 3 and 4


  • Initial release

Have a question? Found a bug? Just drop me an email at or find me on Twitter.