Sisterly Lust v0.14.1

Thanks to Razielprince, Solid Snake, xb and mannitt for testing and proofreading this release! A special thank you for Bobomb who proofread over the all of text covering Day 1 to Day 26, many old spelling mistakes and weird sentences are now corrected.

NOTE FOR ANDROID USERS: Backup your saves before installing the new version, just to be sure!

Download for Windows/Linux 
Download for Mac
Download for Android


  • Implemented Day 27 and 28
  • Day 26: Fix unreachable dialogue with Rachel
  • Day 23: Fix event loop related to day23_m_opera check
  • Day 23: Fix possibly undeclared day23_m_opera variable
  • Day 23: Fix possibly undeclared day23_flashback and day23_flashback_r variables
  • Extras: Fix Extra #10 scene reference
  • Converted all renders to WebP, thanks to the66
  • Spelling and grammar fixes, courtesy of Bobomb
  • Fixed some renders (day 5, 8 and 11)


  1. on day 28 if you go to Alina it incorrectly refers to her as Ana in the title once, and her name is misspelled Aline in one of the text boxes.

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