Reincarnotica by Polyrotix

Sometimes a game release surprises you and Reincarnotica by Polyrotix does just that with its confident style, attention to detail and high production values. The story takes place in the near future, where you take control of a middle-aged loser who suffers a freak accident during an Immersive Virtual Reality session and finds himself inhabiting the body of a younger man. As an added bonus, two redheads (yes, two) are introduced in his life who kindly provide him with shelter to recover from his extended stay in hospital.

There are currently two episodes of Reincarnotica available for free. The first episode is rather linear, wordy (and heavy with Ren’Py’s vpunch effect) and seeped in MMO jargon, but as soon as the story really gets going it becomes an intriguing and erotic journey. Episode 2 focuses on Fiona and is a free-roaming section fleshing out the back-story of the character and introducing a few lewd scenes.

I really hope Polyrotix continues to push out these fine releases and that the science-fiction roots of the story aren’t forgotten in favor of getting into the pants of as many women as possible. That said, I still hope that Pris will be the main subject of the next update…

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