The DeLuca Family by HopesGaming

The DeLuca Family by HopesGaming

I like it when an adult game has as different setting and The DeLuca Family sure is different from the slice-of-life games (mine included) that have come to dominate the landscape. HopesGaming niftily combines vignettes of domestic bliss with scenes straight from a mafia movie, following the exploits of the MC who’s serving out the terms of a mysterious contract held by The DeLuca crime family.

To progress the player has to do several missions in order to gain ranks in the crime family, but luckily the interaction with members of the household is the primary way to advance the story. It really helps that most of the main cast is female and very intriguing – Isabel and Luna stand out for me currently (don’t know what to make of Gracie and Cordia yet).

The story is really well done and often funny, offering lots of mystery to unravel during the coming episodes. The characters often act larger-than-life, but that’s part of the charm of atmosphere of the game. I mean, Luna might very well be a psychopath, but she such a sweet girl with her yellow heels. Who cares if she knee-caps some guy, several times…

Currently, there’s a lot to discover in The DeLuca Family and if all the features HopesGaming is planning get implemented there’ll be even more to explore. However, don’t go into this expecting a sex-fest, the content for all the female characters is mostly romantic in nature for the time being. I have no doubt that will change, eventually.

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