Tales From The Unending Void v0.9

Tales From The Unending Void v0.9

There she is, Episode 9. This update brings new story content and some bug fixes in earlier episodes.

Alorth created over 15 animations which I think you’re going to enjoy (especially the ones involving Lilly). Grubb worked his ass off to get the Portuguese translation ready on time and it’s included in this release.

A big thanks to Alorth, HoboCop86, Razielprince, Fhilb  and Grubb for testing and proofreading.

Download for Windows/Linux (Mirrors: NOPY / WORKUPLOAD)
Download for Mac (Mirrors: NOPY / WORKUPLOAD)
Download for Android (Mirrors: NOPY / WORKUPLOAD)
Download for Android (Compressed) (Mirrors: NOPY / WORKUPLOAD)

– Add Episode 9
– Update Portuguese translation (thanks to Grubb)
– Update Russian translation (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy)
– Update Polish translation (thanks to Freeman)
– Fix spelling, wording and grammar (thanks to Matthew Percival, somebodynobody, hideouz, overtaker40)
– Make relationships screen less spoilerific (thanks to HoboCop86)
– Make Kit’s name color more distinct (thanks to Naughtykutchy)
– Disable save game naming on tablets (thanks to Grimlar)
– ep001: Fix portait error (thanks to Zontany)
– ep005: Fix gallery replay for two scenes (thanks to somebodynobody)
– ep007: Fix choices display during Cetruvar search on Android devices (again)
– ep003: Fix threesome continuity (thanks to Grubb, Spencer Whalton and Bartimayus)
– ep003: Fix incorrect speaker (thanks to Señor Frog)
– ep002: Fix several renders during R’o orgy (thanks to Angery Snek)