Sisterly Lust v0.5

Sisterly Lust v0.5
This is the latest uncensored release, I’m still working on v0.6 which will be release to $ 10+ as soon as it’s ready. Thanks to klx, dalc, xb and Mr. Puzzler for testing this build. I’ve changed the Ren’Py build process so there is one download for PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac.
IMPORTANT: There was a nasty bug in the original v0.4 release. Saves made with that version are incompatible with future releases. Any save made with the v0.33 are any release from v0.41 onwards is not affected.
  • Implementation of Day 09 and 10
  • Day 07: Correctly populated MisterX’s name variable, this caused problems during the alleyway sequence on Bella’s soft route
  • Various text corrections