Sisterly Lust v0.14.1

Sisterly Lust v0.14.1

Thanks to Razielprince, Solid Snake, xb and mannitt for testing and proofreading this release! A special thank you for Bobomb who proofread over the all of text covering Day 1 to Day 26, many old spelling mistakes and weird sentences are now corrected.

NOTE FOR ANDROID USERS: Backup your saves before installing the new version, just to be sure!

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Download for Mac
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  • Implemented Day 27 and 28
  • Day 26: Fix unreachable dialogue with Rachel
  • Day 23: Fix event loop related to day23_m_opera check
  • Day 23: Fix possibly undeclared day23_m_opera variable
  • Day 23: Fix possibly undeclared day23_flashback and day23_flashback_r variables
  • Extras: Fix Extra #10 scene reference
  • Converted all renders to WebP, thanks to the66
  • Spelling and grammar fixes, courtesy of Bobomb
  • Fixed some renders (day 5, 8 and 11)