Sisterly Lust v0.10-HD

Sisterly Lust v0.10-HD

August’s release has arrived! This is an HD release which updates all the old renders to upgraded Iray versions. There is no new story content, because of the limited development time available to me in June.

Thanks to Solid Snake, Razielprince, bossapplesauce, mocap69, mannitt and Jordan gibbs for testing this release!

New this time is an Android build by popular demand.

Download for Windows/Linux 

Download for Mac

Download for Android 


  • All images have been updated to Iray renders
  • Game now runs at 1920×1080 pixels
  • Added Android build
  • Day 20: Fix comment about Brody to Riley when you haven’t seen him
  • Day 19: Remove option to “Relax a little” after visiting Mrs. Smith for the second time
  • Day 19: Fix scene flow with Bella and the visit to the doctor
  • Day 18: Kissing Mrs. Smith is now only possible if you have a relationship with her, or if you’ve talk with her whenever possible
  • Day 11: Added option to resolve situation with Brody even if you do not have a relationship with Liza
  • Day 4: Added extra shop render
  • Day 1: Remove conversation option after talking about adjusting
  • Arrange menu options into columns when there are more than four
  • Fixed various typos