Photo Hunt by Moochie

Photo Hunt by Moochie

Photo Hunt is a lewd game in which your character will strive to regain the trust of his family and would-be friends after being caught in… unfortunate circumstances.

Years ago, your adopted parents split, your sister Rachel went with your mother, Evelyn, while you stayed with your father. The breakup was anything but amicable, and you’ve had little contact with the two girls ever since. Now that your father can’t be arsed to take care of you anymore, he sends you back to the peninsula of your childhood. Living with your estranged mom and sister was not in your plans before, but you strive to make the best of it!

Unfortunately, the city you knew has changed dramatically, on the surface everything seems neater, people are richer, there are all sorts of new developments, but something stinks in this town… To pursue your dream as a photographer, you take a seemingly sweet deal: snap pictures of girls at the locker room of your school in exchange for the camera.

Things go from bad to worse as you are caught. Almost kicked out of school, in the doghouse with your mom, owing a debt to the creepy old guy who gave you the camera, and known to every other student as the infamous “Photo Maniac”, things couldn’t be much worse.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way! With your trusty camera in hand, you can heal all these social wounds, you just gotta play it smart. And what better place to start than with the girls from the Hotlist? The 5 most beautiful women in school.

But there are many other beautiful women in this town, maybe even those closer to home… Who would make perfect models for your photoshoots! And better yet, through all your trials and tribulations you’ll have many opportunities to grow closer to all of them! What more could a healthy young guy ask for?

Photo Hunt is a Visual Novel style game with sandbox aspects. You move around town to various locations to interact with the various characters, making choices that lead you to different routes. You must improve your character stats to gain more from those scenes and interactions and do your best to navigate the story to get all of them to fill the in-game Gallery. There is lots of replayability when you take different routes, so it’ll take a while to enjoy everything!

The game is in development but has many hours of content already. Updates come every month or two, depending on the size of the patches. New Patrons are always welcome and there are many perks to come along with it! You can join our Discord, take part in polls to decide the focus of future patches, gain digital goodies, and if you are one of our highest paying patrons (limited slot availability) even directly ask for specific scenes or story developments.

At the very least give us a try! Feedback is always appreciated, and we are laboring tirelessly to make the best game we can!

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