Sisterly Lust v0.10-HD

August’s release has arrived! This is an HD release which updates all the old renders to upgraded Iray versions. There is no new story content, because of the limited development time available to me in June.

Thanks to Solid Snake, Razielprince, bossapplesauce, mocap69, mannitt and Jordan gibbs for testing this release!

New this time is an Android build by popular demand.

Download for Windows/Linux 

Download for Mac

Download for Android 


  • All images have been updated to Iray renders
  • Game now runs at 1920×1080 pixels
  • Added Android build
  • Day 20: Fix comment about Brody to Riley when you haven’t seen him
  • Day 19: Remove option to “Relax a little” after visiting Mrs. Smith for the second time
  • Day 19: Fix scene flow with Bella and the visit to the doctor
  • Day 18: Kissing Mrs. Smith is now only possible if you have a relationship with her, or if you’ve talk with her whenever possible
  • Day 11: Added option to resolve situation with Brody even if you do not have a relationship with Liza
  • Day 4: Added extra shop render
  • Day 1: Remove conversation option after talking about adjusting
  • Arrange menu options into columns when there are more than four
  • Fixed various typos

Sisterly Lust v0.10

Thank you Solid Snake, Razielprince and xb for testing and especially to bossapplesauce for the thorough proofreading.

Download for Windows/Linux 

Download for Mac 


  • Implemented Day 19 and 20
  • Day 17: Fix incorrect jump to dinner at Nia and Rebeca’s after declining Rachel at the yoga studio
  • Day 17: Fixed Nino’s skin texture during night scene
  • Day 17 and 18: Various spelling and grammar corrections
  • Day 16: Set fingering flag at correct point for Liza
  • Day 15: Fix Alina extra scene availability
  • Day 15: Fix wording
  • Day 13: Fix wording
  • Day 8: Jump to evening after conversation with James about Discreet visit
  • Day 8: Only visit Discreet when you actually have an appointment
  • Day 9: Fix wording
  • Day 5: Fix wording
  • Day 2: Fix wording
  • Fixed various typos
  • Updated statistics avatars

Depraved Awakening by PhillyGames

Once in a while, I’d like to turn the spotlight to games I personally enjoy.

The first game I’d like to present is Depraved Awakening by PhillyGames. In this noir-themed VN you play a private eye who is tasked with investigating a suspicious suicide. Pretty soon you’re embroiled in some very nasty business involving some very nasty people. Also, you’ll engage in some very erotic activity with some very hot girls along the way.

What makes this VN stand out amongst others, in my mind, is the story and PhillyGames ability to create stunning renders and very hot characters. His next project is going to be a cyberpunk VN, which is undoubtedly going to be great (not only because it’s cyberpunk).

Check Depraved Awakening over at

Sisterly Lust v0.9

Many thanks xb and Solid Snake for testing and especially to bossapplesauce for the thorough proofreading.

Download for Windows/Linux
Download for Mac


  • Implemented Day 17 and 18
  • Fixed checking for status of reading Mrs. Smith book
  • Day 16: Add variable instead of static name in menu option
  • Day 16: Correctly reference the blackmail option in Dwayne’s email
  • Day 16: Hide dialogue options during restaurant visit with Bella
  • Day 16: Recognize that the MC has slept in Rachel’s bed
  • Day 15: Fix unavailable nightly visit to Mrs. Smith
  • Day 14: Fix wording regarding James visit to Hazel
  • Day 8: Fix incorrect jump to scene with Ana after James’ call when you don’t have a relationship with her
  • Day 1: Fix wording


This post is probably going to bore you all to tears, but I just wanted to give you all a heads up. When I started SL the first build was v0.1 and updates were given a number after that (so v0.11 denotes a first bugfix for the v0.1 release).

With the new release for $ 10+ patrons the version will go up from v0.9 to something… In the current version scheme that number would be v1.0, which is bound to cause some confusion among people, as v1.0 means a finished product for many. SL isn’t finished, so I’m going to shake up the versioning a bit. The next release will be v0.10 and any further bugfixes will be denoted by an extra dot, so v0.10.1 is a bugfix of the v0.10 release.

This change doesn’t mean I’m going to stretch out the releases until we reach v0.999 or whatever number, the game will finish when the story has run it’s course.

Sisterly Lust v0.8

The public release of this month is ready. Many thanks Razielprince, dalc and xb for testing and especially to bossapplesauce for the thorough proofreading and Solid Snake for doing some serious in-depth bug reporting.

Download for Windows/Linux

Download for Mac



  • Implemented Day 15 and 16
  • Day 16: Fixed indentation erroneously triggering Discreet facial
  • Day 8: Fixed Ana availability when you don’t have a relationship with her
  • Day 7: Lowered trust requirement to speak to Bella
  • Fixed various typos

Sisterly Lust v0.71

Public release time! Thanks to dalc, xb and Razielprince for testing this build.

Download for Windows/Linux 
Download for Mac


  • Fixed Liza’s bugged corruption attribute
  • Hide “Extra Scenes” menu item when in replay
  • Various text corrections, thanks to bossapplesauce
  • Day 13: Removed duplicate line during phone call
  • Day 13: Fixed spa visit availability
  • Day 14: Fixed wording of end of television scene to better reflect what happened before (hardcore path)
  • Day 14: Fixed scene flow when not having sex with receptionist

Sisterly Lust v0.61

The next public release has arrived. Thanks to dalc, klx and xb for testing this build.

  • Bella’s relationship status is now correctly shown (soft path)
  • Added option to show or hide the statistics screen in preferences, this should fix the disappearing button as well for older saves
  • Day 09: Fixed a bug causing the game to return to the main menu after the shopping trip
  • Day 11: Fix incorrect variable check during bar conversation (soft route)
  • Day 11: Fixed incorrect mention of second handjob that day if you didn’t get any
  • Day 12: Fix corruption increment when dancing with Liza
  • Day 12: Fix Liza’s comment on drinking alcohol despite not having any
  • Day 12: Fixed bad function call during conversation with Bella
  • Implemented Day 11 and 12
  • Added statistics screen showing corruption and trust points for the main characters
  • Minor fix to Extra Scenes button grid
  • Day 10: Fixed incorrect render during Discreet visit
  • Day 05: Fixed missing render
  • Day 09: Added variable to check if you slept in Rachel’s bed on Day 08

Sisterly Lust v0.5

This is the latest uncensored release, I’m still working on v0.6 which will be release to $ 10+ as soon as it’s ready. Thanks to klx, dalc, xb and Mr. Puzzler for testing this build. I’ve changed the Ren’Py build process so there is one download for PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac.
IMPORTANT: There was a nasty bug in the original v0.4 release. Saves made with that version are incompatible with future releases. Any save made with the v0.33 are any release from v0.41 onwards is not affected.
  • Implementation of Day 09 and 10
  • Day 07: Correctly populated MisterX’s name variable, this caused problems during the alleyway sequence on Bella’s soft route
  • Various text corrections

Sisterly Lust v0.42

This is the uncensored v0.42 public release of the game. Day 7 and 8 are implemented. This release also includes bugfixes from the original 0.4 and 0.41 which were available for patrons only. Below the download links you’ll find the complete changelog.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Download for Linux


– Day 07: Fix incorrect variable when helping Bella (soft route)

– Fixed a bug causing character attributes to reset after reaching end of content or going back to the main menu
– Fixed a render in the bonus scene
– Day 04: Fixed incorrect jump to night when you don’t have a relationship with Rachel
– Day 05: Fixed dinner choice showing up perpetually
– Day 08: Fixed incorrect jump to supermarket when you don’t pursue any of the relationships

– Implementation of Day 07 and 08
– Added Credits and Extra Scenes menus
– Various text corrections
– Fixed missing images in animated sequences
– Day 03: Fixed missing image during conversation with Liza
– Day 03: Fixed Rachel commenting on her naked body when she wasn’t aware of you (added variable)
– Day 02: Visiting Rachel at night was incremented twice

Have a question? Found a bug? Just drop me an email at or find me on Twitter.