Lucky Paradox by Stawer

Lucky Paradox by Stawer

Please allow me to introduce Stawer and their game Lucky Paradox.

Travel to Argleton, a mysterious town disconnected from the rest of the world, full of secrets and quirky inhabitants.

Build relationships with many adorable girls each one having a unique story full of surprises and heartwarming moments. Help your childhood friend with the restaurant, create a metal band, or just go for a little jog down the gold beach on a nice afternoon. Visit different places and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in Argleton.

And who knows? Maybe you could discover the dark secret that no one else knows about this place.Lucky Paradox is a game that mixes romance, comedy, and mystery, without losing its relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. You will be able to walk around the town, spend an exciting time with the girls, give them costumes, and get to know them better, with completely animated and high-quality sex scenes.

If you haven’t played it, what are you waiting for?

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The game can be played not only on PC and Mac but also on Android.