Fetish Locator by ViNovella

Fetish Locator by ViNovella

In this shoutout I’d like to feature ViNovella who’s been working on Fetish Locator for quite some time. The game is chock full of interesting kinks, including watersports and it has an interesting storyline to boot. I’ll let Vi explain a little bit more below:

Hi! My name is ViNovella and I’m a huge fan of Perverteer’s work! More than that, SL was the game that inspired me to start developing my own visual novel! You can try Fetish Locator for free – this is a game about a College student who is caught up in a storm of fetishes around him, and he has to conquer them or submit to his fate! In the game, you will find things like Footfetish, Watersports, Femdom, Maledom, Netori, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Futa, and many other things! My game is based on three important pillars – the existing story, good render quality and a lewd selection of fetishes. The free version of the game will give you a couple of hours of gameplay and is available to download on my patreon page. And by becoming a patron you can unlock access to Day-5 content, that was just released this Sunday!

Let’s not forget the lovely ladies and wonderful women of Fetish Locator: 

  • AmRose, the feisty redhead best friend
  • Polly, the pink-haired exhibitionist bisexual
  • Nora, the blonde barista and object of Polly’s affection
  • Min, who is obsessed with winning
  • Daisy, the free spirit
  • Dahlia, the femdom dominatrix
  • Lyssa, the sexy lawyer with a secret surprise
  • Stacy, the close childhood friend
  • Lydia, the angel our hero longs to make his own
  • and many, many more.

Find the game here – patreon.com/fetishlocator