Dusklight Manor by Daniels K. – Completed

Dusklight Manor by Daniels K. – Completed

I’ve posted about the project before, but Daniels K. just completed his 6th game, the Visual Novel “Dusklight Manor” and is now available for download in PC and MAC formats over here: patreon.com/StrandedWithBenefits

In Dusklight Manor you are in the role of a young man that gets a well paid job at a mysterious house. It is here where you meet fascinating girls which you can develop relationships with and uncover the secrets of a enigmatic Mistress Clara among other things.

The game offers a captivating story line of both romance and the supernatural while also mixing fetishes and kink. Are you going to fall for the beautiful model, Lola?

Will you stand by the maid Lemon and manage to rescue her from her “prison”? Will you be able to resist Lizzie and her twisted mind? Or will you take the easy path with the bookworm Mary? Perhaps the rebellious Audrey would be more to your liking…

Or perhaps, you will take a more darker path and indulge in what the dark side of Mistress Clara and Cora have to offer…

Have a look and make up your own mind : patreon.com/StrandedWithBenefits