Heading to Steam!

Some big news! For the past few weeks I’ve been preparing the launch of Sisterly Lust on Steam. The review process took a while, but everything is finally approved and a release date is set for March 2.

An updated version of the bonus edition (v1.1) will be available for download on the platform, containing more bug fixes, a French translation (by Maxo) and a lot of Steam achievements. It’s priced at $14.99, but there’s a 10% discount during the first launch week. Of course I’ll make that version available on Patreon, SubscribeStar and itch.io (minus the achievements).

Here’s the pre-release trailer I made for if you’d like to have a look. Very excited to actually have a project on Steam, guess I can strike that one of the bucket list.

The store page is already up for those of you who’d like to check it out.


  1. In the 1.0 release, if you choose the Love relationship with Rachel by giving her the full amount of cash right away, you get to looking at Dwayne’s hard drive on day 11 and if you choose to “Have a look”, the game does not register that you’ve gone through all the photos and brings you back to the same choices once you’ve gone through them all. Also, the first photo of Rachel with her toy flashes right past without a user-inputted click/tap.

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