Fashion Business by DecentMonkey

This month DecentMonkey asked me to play his game Fashion Business. I’ve played through episode one which serves a sort of prologue to the inevitable corruption of the female protagonist Monica.

Most corruption games cast their heroine as a hapless, sweet girl, totally lost in the sex-crazed big world, but Fashion Business is different. Monica is a filthy rich socialite, who runs a fashion magazine. Totally out of touch with the world of common people, she can either be a haughty, but kind person or a total bitch (which she was in my playthrough).

The first episode sets up Monica’s life in high society and details her inevitable downfall. I’m pretty sure she’ll be severely punished for treating people like garbage in the coming episodes.

There’s a free demo (the complete Episode 1) available at DecentMonkey’s page and Episode 2 is already available for patrons. Both episodes combined include over 8000 renders and and over 250 animations.

Check Fashion Business over at


    1. Thanks, though Fashion Business is not my project. 😉 I don’t think Episode 2 has been released publicly yet, so you’d have to become a patron to get the new content.

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