After starting a new game, bring up the developer console by pressing Shift+O and type: set_special(True). This command enables the Taboo Version of the game, the way the game is meant to be played. The change will be persistent and should carry over to any new release.

Unfortunately patching the Android version isn’t as straightforward, as the Android build of Ren’Py lacks a developer console. I’ve started offering uncensored Android builds on SubscribeStar and other platforms may follow.

For Sisterly Lust, the66 over at F95Zone has built a patcher for Android which might still work for newer versions of the game. You can download it here (Mirrors: NOPY / Workupload). It’s enough to install the APK and run it and the game should be patched, make sure that both the game and the patch have permissions to write to storage. For any support, please use the appropriate thread on F95Zone.

This could be due to the app not having permissions to write to storage. If you allow the game permission via the information screen it should run properly.

The minimum requirements for installing Sisterly Lust are at least 3GB RAM and 6GB free storage space. Please download the compressed version if you don’t meet those specifications the game might not install.

In case of Sisterly Lust, look for a directory with the name SisterlyLove in it, saves for Tales From The Unending Void contain the regular game name. On the desktop there are two possible locations, the game directory itself, or at the default location for each OS:

  • PC: Users\*name*\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\
  • Mac: ~/Library/RenPy/
  • Android: SD:/Android/data/com.perverteer.sl/files/saves/
    or SD:/Android/data/com.perverteer.tftuv/files/saves/

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