Meet fellow creator and perv-in-arms: OneManVN

A fellow creator reached out to me and asked to do a cross-promotion of our Patreon pages. I’ll let OneManVN speak for himself below. 😉

Welcome to OMVN Gaming. I am OneManVN. This started as a hobby, until many of you made me realize that I had talent, or so many of you keep telling me. So here I am and trying to make this a full time job. I am currently working on two titles. Alison fall of the apple and, The Shrink. If you like games with a story then you have come to the right place. If you would like to know more about my games, try out the free full version found in my discord, under the game-freebies channel, links to my discord can be found on my Patreon page. Feel free to join the rest of the fans, it is the one place where I can constantly be reached throughout the day. 

You can find out more on OneManVN’s Patreon page.

Sisterly Lust v0.21.1

Three new playable days in this release! This version also contains a slightly reworked submissive path for Bella, making her a little less combative. Big thanks to Regardie for helping me out on that one!

This new version should also fix the the startup error some Android users have been experiencing.

Thanks to Razielprince, Mac, GhostPhil, Dreamweaver, Freki, German Dude, BigBadWolf, Regardie and HobowithaLightgun for testing and proofreading this release!

NOTE FOR ANDROID USERS: Backup your saves before installing the new version, just to be sure!Android might not allow to update the install, in which case you’ll have to do an uninstall and install the new build.

Download for Windows/Linux (Mirrors: NOPY / WORKUPLOAD)
Download for Mac (Mirrors: NOPY / WORKUPLOAD)
Download for Android (Mirrors: NOPY / WORKUPLOAD)


  • Implemented Day 140, 141 and 142
  • Set image cache size to 300MB for lower end devices (thanks to jamdan)
  • The names of the girls can now be changed in the statistics screen
  • Spelling and grammar fixes (thanks to blabla11)
  • Reworking of Bella’s submissive path (thanks to Regardie)
  • Fix permissions error on startup on Android
  • Fix readability of game over screens (thanks Panda Penguin Games)
  • Extras: Clean up image calls
  • Fix missing variable in extra scene #18
  • Fix wording on several days (thanks to Horny Toad and Steele76)
  • Fix wording on several days (thanks to Horny Toad)
  • Day 142: Fix Liza pregnancy conditional (thanks to CanisLupus)
  • Day 142: Fix wording (thanks to goobdoob)
  • Day 142: Remove redundant conditional (thanks to goobdoob)
  • Day 142: Fix Rachel’s anal dialogue (thanks to Xlash)
  • Day 141: Fix two pregnancy renders (thanks HoboCop86)
  • Day 141: Fix conditional (thanks Merlin and Xlash)
  • Day 140: Fix Ana render during threesome (thanks to Merlin)
  • Day 140: Fix James dialogue regarding pregnancies (thanks to Xlash)
  • Day 139: Fix render filename with illegal characters (thanks to Cman)
  • Day 139: Reworked conversation between Liza and Justin
  • Day 139: Add conversation branch in case Liza isn’t part of harem
  • Day 139: Fix two missing images (thanks to blabla11)
  • Day 139: Fix Iris and Riley pregnancy dialogue (thanks to Freki)
  • Day 139: Replace image calls (thanks Fasder and Panda Penguin Games)
  • Day 39: Mention previous visit to Rachel’s school
  • Day 39: Fix formatting error (thanks to xJumpManx)
  • Day 39: Fix spelling (thanks to Heresi)
  • Day 39: Loosen the conditional for Bella’s wedding dress event (thanks to Yukio)
  • Day 39: Fix Liza’s conversation conditional (thanks to goobdoob)
  • Day 39: Fix incorrect variable state (thanks to goobdoob)
  • Day 38: Remove double lines (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 37: Add name variable (thanks to Regardie)
  • Day 31: Fix clipping on renders (thanks to Maik)
  • Day 29: Fix continuity error, add extra render (thanks to Dreamweaver)
  • Day 24: Fix clipping on render (thanks to Maik)
  • Day 14: Fix continuity error (thanks to Dreamweaver)
  • Day 6: Fix terminology (thanks to Zondy)

My Sister, My Roommate by Sumodeine

Sumodeine approached me to try his game My Sister, My Roommate. I don’t have much time to play other people’s project these days, unfortunately, but I made an exception for Sumodeine, because I heard good things about his game.

My Sister, My Roommate is a chose your own adventure, visual novel filled with humor, wit, and sex. You play as Taylor, a naïve 18-year-old guy. Due to a University housing error, he is forced to live with his best friend from childhood, Nikki, when they go away to the same college. Taylor starts the game as a virgin and Nikki is rather promiscuous. They’ve known each other their entire lives and are super close – she’s kind of like a sister to Taylor. Can she help get Taylor out of his shell and maybe help him seduce the seemingly endless supply of beautiful ladies? And maybe he’ll even find true love?

Apart from the great writing, both Nikki and Molly stood out to me as characters. Nikki as a bountiful supply of sexiness and Molly as supreme marriage material. Another thing of note is Sumodeine’s apparent truly heartbreaking dedication to the noble cause of veganism…

No bad endings. No stat tracking. No pointless grinding. It’s just a wild ride where your decisions will impact the storyline that you will get to be a part of. The fourteenth update has just been released. and the game will be wrapped up at V.15, so there’s a ton of content for this one.

Check My Sister, My Roommate over at

Pine Falls by Daniels K.

Daniels K. reached out and asked me to play his latest VN, Pine Falls. As a fan of one of his previous projects, My Girlfriend’s Amnesia, it was an easy decision.

Like My Girlfriend’s Amnesia, Daniels K.’s latest is a story with a great sense of mystery. A successful writer heads out to the countryside to clear his head and prevent writer’s block. Suffering a car accident he ends up in Pine Falls, a small village where everything is not as it seems. After meeting some of the populace, the MC learns that most men have disappeared under mysterious circumstances and that the inhabitants of Pine Falls can’t leave the village…

The fact that virtually no men live in Pine Falls leads to some interesting opportunities for the protagonist. In it’s first chapters, Pine Falls already explores some dirtier kinks than straight-up sex. Make no mistake, there’s
straight-up too and lovely ladies abound.

Daniels K. has brought multiple projects to completion and demo builds are available for all of his games, so his Patreon page is well worth checking out.

Check Pine Falls over at

Fashion Business by DecentMonkey

This month DecentMonkey asked me to play his game Fashion Business. I’ve played through episode one which serves a sort of prologue to the inevitable corruption of the female protagonist Monica.

Most corruption games cast their heroine as a hapless, sweet girl, totally lost in the sex-crazed big world, but Fashion Business is different. Monica is a filthy rich socialite, who runs a fashion magazine. Totally out of touch with the world of common people, she can either be a haughty, but kind person or a total bitch (which she was in my playthrough).

The first episode sets up Monica’s life in high society and details her inevitable downfall. I’m pretty sure she’ll be severely punished for treating people like garbage in the coming episodes.

There’s a free demo (the complete Episode 1) available at DecentMonkey’s page and Episode 2 is already available for patrons. Both episodes combined include over 8000 renders and and over 250 animations.

Check Fashion Business over at

The Coceter Chronicles by Nverjos

The past shoutouts were all projects from active developers and sadly this game seems to have been abandoned. The Coceter Chronicles is one of the games that inspired me to take the plunge and develop VNs on my own. So I’m posting it here as a tribute to Nverjos and hope Tabi will continue her adventures in the future.

The world of The Coceter Chronicles is populated with interesting characters and sexual opportunities. It’s an RPGMaker game, but manages to evade the common pitfalls. The little touches Nverjos has added to the maps make it stand out from the regular RPGM-fare.

You play as Tabitha, a Fae born in Runda’Almare and destined for a life of servitude. That all changes when events force her to become a scout and is sent through a portal to a world very similar to our own. The Coceter Chronicles covers a lot of kinks and even has two major branches, at some point Tabi is able to transform and you can play as a futa character. Other than that, Tabi’s story is actually engaging and you can tell that Nverjos developed a lot of background story before creating the game itself.

Anyway, have a go at the public version of the game and maybe you’ll hope for a continuation of the story with me.Check The Coceter Chronicles over at


I’ve opened an account for the development of Sisterly Lust and future projects.

For now the uncensored public release of Sisterly Lust is available there, but I’m planning on selling the completed uncensored version (with extra scenes) once the game is finished.

Come find me on

The Gift Reloaded by Mr.ZZ

Mr.ZZ asked me to try his game The Gift Reloaded and I’ve just finished the content that’s currently present.

The Gift Reloaded is a corruption and harem-building game. The MC is a young male living together with Fiona and Ashly. He’s working at a real estate business and things aren’t going that well for him. By chance you acquire a strange tonic granting you supernatural powers turning the MC’s world upside down. Suddenly the world is at his feet, but his new-found powers have awakened some sinister forces as well.

Initially, The Gift is a fairly linear VN with an intriguing story, but it becomes something else entirely in Act II, when the actual harem management begins. The women are very hot, well-endowed Fiona is delicious and the potential new additions to the harem look scrumptious as well. My only qualm is that the MC can come off as a bit of a douche in Act I, although those effects can be blamed on the serum he drank.

There’s a public build of The Gift available for you to try, or you could dive into the patron version which will be updated this month with more content.

Check The Gift Reloaded over at

On SubscribeStar

SubscribeStar recently split its erotic content and put it on a separate domain. I’ve decided to give the platform a go and created a profile over there.

For now, I’ll be offering the uncensored versions of Sisterly Lust there, including the Extra Scenes edition (PC, Mac and Android).

Patreon is still my main account for updates, previews, extra renders and the like, but we’ll see how it goes from here.

In the meantime, my profile is over here:

SpaceCorps XXX by RanliLabz

Now for something completely different. There are some crazy adult games out there. Some of them are like that because the developer is either too young, inexperienced or both. In the case of SpaceCorps though, neither is applicable, because the game is absolutely bonkers and that’s very much the intention of its developer.

I’m sure the game, its fetishes and aesthetics are not for everyone (Lt. Key looks a little unnerving in some renders), but I enjoyed the hell out of it. You play as a naive young farmhand from a planet of religious, puritanical zealots who’s conscripted into SpaceCorps, a military organization made up of humans, aliens and cyborgs. The first installments deal with military training, but there’s the promise of visiting strange new worlds and new civilizations with very different moral codes…

SpaceCorps is a dating sim with a story line and it packs a veritable shitload of sexual options and kinks, even ones rarely encountered (all of them optional). You could forgo the advances of the aforementioned Lt. Kex entirely, for example, though you’ll miss out on a very creative blowjob… But if you want to just romance the lovely Anna Delacroix, you’re free to do so.

The game also has a lot of replay value, as there are many choices to make all leading to different outcomes and gallery items to unlock. SpaceCorp also had me laughing quite a few times, not in the least because of the crazy situations the MC finds himself in.

v0.3 will hopefully be released this month, my bi-curious, alien-loving, cum-swapping, futa-fetishistic, synthoholic MC is eagerly ready for duty.

Check SpaceCorps XXX over at

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